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Centre for Translational Stem Cell Biology (CTSCB) aims to develop world-leading new technologies in Hong Kong and to apply them to regenerative medicine, autoimmunity and genomic medicine under the golden age of research. By bringing together world-leading scientists and clinicians from Hong Kong, UK and other international collaborators who are studying stem cells and genomics, CTSCB strives to translate their discoveries into both commercial successes and healthcare benefits.

All the CTSCB researches come from the state-of-the-art technology, the Expanded Potential stem Cells (EPSC), which is initially developed by Centre Director Professor Pengtao Liu’s laboratory at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, and more recently at The University of Hong Kong. Under the leadership by the group of elite scientists and clinicians, CTSCB is going to achieve two major objectives in clinical, translational and fundamental research during the three interconnected research programmes.

Director's Word

Hong Kong is a ‘meeting point’ for global tech-savvy talent. Its close proximity to cities in the Grater Bay Aera makes it the ideal location for advanced stem cell research. At CTSCB, we aim to develop world-leading new technologies and products that address unmet clinical needs in regenerative medicine, organ transplantation, and genomic medicine, which will place Hong Kong at the global forefront in innovation and technology development.

Prof. Pengtao Liu